Resår- och banditrädare

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Practical threading aid that makes it easier to thread hoodie straps and rubber bands . Due to the flexible material, pulling bands and rubber bands into tunnels is child's play. The tip of the threading aid can also be used to shape corners and edges.

The tapes to be drawn in can be inserted or clamped through various openings and thus easily threaded through the tunnel. To do this, choose a threading aid from the set in the size that suits your tunnel and the opening in which your band has the best hold. Here you can choose between clamp openings and different holes. There are two variants of how the tape comes into the tunnel. Either you first thread the threader through the tunnel and use it to pull the tape through, or you thread your tape beforehand and push it through the tunnel with the threader. 

The set contains 3 threading aids with the following widths:

  • 6mm
  • 10mm
  • 17mm

Odif Grippy

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