Dubbelhäftande tejp 2 mm

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I lager.
Lagersaldo: 9

2 mm x 10 meter 

Försvinner inte vid tvätt.
Kan gummera nålen. Rekommenderar att man undviker att sy i tejpen.
Jag använder en anti-glue behandlad nål t.ex Schmetz Superuniversalnål (https://www.schmetz.com/en/household-needles/needle-portfolio/single-needles/index.html#sec-st_text_with_heading_12)
och på den fastnar det inte lika lätt.

Ideal for fixing zippers before you start sewing, fastening edging and much more. The adhesive tape is very narrow and therefore offers the ability with its 2 mm width to stick very small surfaces. Due to the flexibility of the tape it is easy to fit and it easily follows curved shapes. The tape provides perfect resistance to UV and heat.
Of course, you can use this ultra-narrow adhesive tape for other DIY projects. It effortlessly sticks irregular and regular surfaces.

Caution: Do not sew through large lengths of adhesive tape. This can make your needle sticky and it’ll then sew less smoothly, with chance of breaking your thread. Always sew next to the adhesive tape.