Metallic kantfärg / Edge paint metallic

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Produkten är tyvärr slut i lager. 


Denna färg kan användas tillsammans med basic kantfärg. Kombinationerna ser du här nedanför.

Beroende på vilken metallicfärg du vill ha måste du även köpa den basicfärg den hör ihop med

Storlek: 125 ml


Metal Gloss is based on a special glossy polycarbonate resin and it has been obtained with the addition of particular metal powders inside the original base resin. The fine grain of the powders, incorporated in the glossy resin, allows the human eye to see a real metallic effect.

This paint was created to replace the previous Metal Edge Paint, now out of production, which could not create a real metal effect on the leather edge. Indeed with the new Metal Gloss you will get a great metallized edge in combination with a glossy effect.

Metal Gloss paint is available in a range of 6 standard metal colors. Our laboratories are also able to create a customize metal color to perfectly match your leather color.

To obtain the Metal Gloss effect is always necessary to apply a colored base first, that changes due to the metal color you choose. Following the color table to create the standards metal gloss colors:

Brown 24Bronze
Ochre 85Gold
Black 11Silver
Green 71Green
Violet 14 Violet
Blue 61Blue

This product can be applied by hand or by machine. Remember to gently stir the product before use it in order to evenly distribute the powders and have a uniform coloration of the leather edge.

Avoid to stir the bottle too strongly because that could create bubbles inside the paint and compromise the final result. Once dry, the Metal Gloss presents excellent elasticity and a great adhesion, which guarantee a high quality and long lasting finish.

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